Team Improv I, II, III

Designed for 3rd graders and up, this super fun, 90 minute weekly workshop gives a foundation in short form improvisational comedy in a team environment. Each workshop culminates in a live performance. Improv III's final performance is a real improv match with our Improv Performance Team.

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Creative Dramatics

The perfect acting class for our youngest students ages 3 - 6. This 6 week program gives our youngest students a fun introduction to acting as our students star in a short performance on the final day of class. Class includes playing theatre games, storytelling and themed lessons each week in addition to structured practice for their special show!

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After School Workshop

This class meets after school allowing students to improve their acting craft and expand their creative horizon! Through the use of exercises in pantomime, improvisation, voice/diction work, scene work, character analysis, students gain a solid foundation of theatre fundamentals. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning February 28 with performances beginning May 5.

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